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80171 Musical Monkey

IDR 145.000,00

Inspire Hearing

Age : 6+ Months

  • Bright , bold colors provide visual stimulation
  • A variety of texture encourage baby to touch and explore
  • Rattles & music stimulate¬† sense of hearing to find the source of the sound
  • Toys made a sound (rattle) when shaken, and the guitar music issue when pressed
  • Attached to stroller and crib

Warning :

  • Possible entanglement or strangulation injury when attached to crib or playpen
  • Do not attach to crib or playpen
  • Do not tie together with other toys
  • Remove all packaging and fasteners before giving this toy to a child
  • How to clean : wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, Do not immerse in water

Price: IDR 145.000,00

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