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795 Doorway jumper

IDR 999.000,00

Age : 4+Months

It also helps baby develop leg muscles for the day when she/he begins walking

The sassy seat doorway jumper easily and securely attaches to door frames for fun bouncing and features five developmental toys to keep baby entertained (door size : 20 cm x 200 cm (WxH), wall thickness must be at least 3.75" / 9.525 cm and less than 7.5" / 19.05 cm Maximum weight 25 lbs or 12.5 kgs

This lightweight jumper with washable seat cover is easily packed for jumping fun wherever baby travel

Height adjusts for growing baby

Unique locking mechanism

Seat removes for machine washing

Warning : never leave child unattended, adult assembly required, discontinue use once baby is able to walk

Price: IDR 999.000,00

Shipping:IDR 0,00

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