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413 Diaper Sack Refill

IDR 53.000,00

A convenient and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers.

Perfect for travel, diaper bags and strollers.


To open and close dispenser slot :

Place one hand on top of dispenser and  one hand onthe  button.

To close turn button clockwise until slot opening sn shut.

To open, turn button counterclockwise until slot opening align.


Refilling dispensher :

  1. To refill dispenser, turn button counterclockwise until arrows align, pull barrels apart.
  2. Slide diaper sack refill on post
  3. To reassemble dispenser, align the arrows on both barrels together, Slide both barrels together, turn bottom clockwise until slots align, remove sticker to dispense diaper sack
  4. Insert link on top of dispenser and attach to any strap

Price: IDR 53.000,00

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