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30125 On the Go Snack Bowl Set

IDR 209.000,00

On the Go Snack Bowl Set
Age: 9+ months
7 piece set
3 nesting sizes
Snap-on lid for each bowl
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Super grip suction base fits all bowls
Assorted boy/girl colors

Variety and convenience are the basis of a must-have product. The Sassy On-the-Go Snack Bowl Set fulfills the needs of both caregiver and child eager for independence. These colorful nesting bowls proivde portable options for healthy snacks with the added value of a super grip suction base that works with all three sizes to avoid spills. The grippy handles are easy for little hands to grasp and gane a sense of true independence.


Exposure to new sights, sounds, smell and experiences aid in your baby's cognitive development. Having "my own feeding gear" helps solidify these new experiences by supporting self-confidence. Sassy travel products inspire adventure by making feeding simple and convenient—letting you focus on more important things.

Price: IDR 209.000,00

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