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26811B Sunblock Shade Butterfly

IDR 149.000,00
  • Retractable car shade that blocks the sun and lets you know when the car interior is too hot
  • Easy to use, 2 step release button. Just push and release to adjust, push and hold to roll up
  • vinyl shade blocks the sun's glare and protects from UV rays
  • Suction cups attach to car window to prevent damage to car upholstery
  • Suction cups cannot be removed so there's no choking hazard
  • Attaching shade using suction cupsĀ  at vehicle window ( car ) : clean the closed interior window surface and suction cups. For best results, use alcohol and dry with a clean cloth. Moisten suction cups before use ; position the shade near the top of the window and press firmly to secure the suction cups
  • To open shade : use pull handle to pull shade down to desired location, press pull-handle's suction cups firmly against window to secure, once shade has been in place in place for one minute, check logo. If the word " HOT " appears, allow car to cool until the original color returns to safety logo
  • To roll up shade : lift the pull handle to release 2 step release the suction cups from window, push and release the 2 step release button to adjust. Push and hold the 2 step release button to roll up all at once
  • To clean : all parts can be wiped with a damp cloth if needed. Let shade completely air dry before rollin up
  • Should attach this product to a vehicle window
  • For Age: Baby Care & Accessories Best Selling Child
  • There are sensors on the Hot suction cup that can change color to white when the temperature inside a car is too hot, and will return red if the temperature in a normal car
  • Curtain roll width 14 " is easily affixed, function for block heat and direct sun on the glass window of your car, especially when you are driving with your baby in the car

Price: IDR 149.000,00

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