182 Boogie Board Buddy – Assorted

IDR 65.000,00

Boogie board buddy inspires imagination by encouraging your baby to squirt water. Boogie board buddy also features a "Too Hot" indicator to help assure that baby's bath water is a comfortable temperature. The boogie board buddy's indicator changes color to warn you if bath water is too hot.

Instructions for use :

Before placing baby in the bathtub, place boogie board buddy in bath water. Allow boogie board buddy to sit for one minute, and then check the Too Hot indicator. If the indicator  has turned white, water is too hot for baby ( approximately 103 F ). Allow water to cool or add cold water until Too Hot indicator returns to original blue color indicating a safe bathing temperature.

As an extra precaution, adult should always place hand in bath water to test termperature before placing child in bath

Price: IDR 65.000,00

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